Incorrect information

Sadly, there is incorrect information about angioedema in this documentary that disturbs me. I don’t know if this documentary was Dr backed and researched or by patients, but there ARE some indescrepencies. For one, there are at least four different types of angioedema before subclasses. They are allergic, non-allergic drug, HAE, and idiopathic. Second, HAE & some forms of idiopathic angioedema ARE bradykinin mediated angioedemas.

While it is very important to get awareness about these diseases out into the public, it is equally important to get accurate information to them.

As a person with hereditary angioedema, I was quite disappointed with all of the inaccuracies. Not just for my own sake, but for all the people with angioedema. This will only serve to make our struggle harder.


Venom That Heals: How a Swarm of Bees Saved One Woman’s Life


For three days, she was in pain. Then, she wasn’t.

“I had been living in this… I call it a brown-out because it’s like you’re walking around in a half-coma all the time with the inflammation of your brain from the Lyme. My brain just came right out of that fog. I thought: I can actually think clearly for the first time in years.”

With a now-clear head, Ellie started wondering what had happened. So she did what anyone else would do: Google it. Disappointingly, her searches turned up very little. But she did find one small 1997 study by scientists at the Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Montana, who’d found that melittin killed Borrelia. Exposing cell cultures to purified melittin, they reported that the compound completely inhibited Borrelia growth. When they looked more closely, they saw that shortly after melittin was added, the bacteria were effectively paralysed, unable to move…

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